Warum ein gebrauchtes Laptop kaufen? Wenn Sie Ihren Laptop aktualisieren möchten, haben Sie zwei Möglichkeiten: neu oder generalüberholt. Es ist wahrscheinlicher, dass Sie sich für ein neues Gerät entscheiden. Aber vorher wollen wir sehen, was sind generalüberholte Laptops und welche Vorteile hat der Kauf eines solchen? Refurbished Laptops sind einfach Geräte, die aus bestimmten Gründen […]

How To Shop More Sustainably?

Ways to shop more sustainably

As one of our main missions at Faircado, we are trying to form green and sustainable shopping habits to protect the planet’s scarce, natural resources. You may worry that going green means spending more; but in some instances, you could even save more money in the long term. Shopping sustainably can enrich your life and […]

Why Should We Care About our Carbon Footprint?

Footprint on the grass with CO2 embedded

Our carbon footprint, the number of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane that are generated by our actions, has a massive impact on global warming. The heat caused by trapped greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere is often referred to as the greenhouse effect. This trapping causes temperatures on Earth to rise destroys weather […]

Sustainable Resolutions: 21 Green Ideas for the New Year

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First up, what exactly are green and sustainable resolutions, anyhow? There are some actions that can be taken every day to reduce our ecological footprint on the natural environment and its resources. If you are looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact and aren’t sure where to start, Faircado is the place! Here are […]

Hello world!

We are Faircado, the first AI-powered search and comparison portal for second-hand shopping focusing on sustainability. We aggregate all available pre-owned products from the biggest marketplaces, and compare them based on their price and a sustainability score, giving you the information you need to make the best purchase decision – for you, your wallet, and […]