Camera Lenses

Lenses are the most essential part of a camera; in fact, a photographer can do nothing without a lens. It is used to bring light to a fixed focal point. In fact, it focuses light from what you see through the viewfinder into a tiny spot on the back of your film, DSLR, or mirrorless camera. A high-quality lens helps you capture great photos even with a medium-level camera. Camera lenses are made up of a series of glass plates that are convex or concave (curved outward or curved inward).

Here at Faircado, you can read about camera lens basics that help you make the right choice for your photographic needs.

Camera Lens Characteristics

All lenses filter and focus light so that it hits the sensor or film strip correctly. However, there are a variety of other factors that determine how a camera lens affects the look and quality of the final photo.

This measurement is expressed by a number, which tells you how much of the scene your sensor will capture. So smaller numbers will have a wider angle and therefore capture more of your scene. Higher numbers will have a narrower angle and therefore capture less of the scene. What you intend to shoot will determine what type you need. If you are a landscape photographer, you will most likely want a wide-angle lens. Therefore, you should invest in lenses with low mm measurements. If you are a nature photographer, you’ll likely want a high mm lens that is capable of zooming in tight to the animal or subject you want to shoot.

Focal length: Let’s start with the easiest characteristic, the focal length. It is the measurement between where the light hits your lens and the sensor in millimetres. The focal length range of a lens is shown by a number, which tells how much of the scene your camera will be able to capture. In this case, smaller numbers have a wider angle of view and show more of the scene. And larger numbers show a narrower angle of view and view less.

Aperture: This is expressed as an f-stop on your camera, usually written as f/1.4. F-stops are counterintuitive, as the larger the number, the smaller the opening. Photography is all about the light, so this camera lens characteristic is very important. larger openings make a shallower depth of field, while smaller openings capture more of the image in focus. 

Basic Types of Camera Lenses

There are a number of different types of lenses, so we will just go over the most basic ones.

Prime lenses: Primes have a fixed focal length; this feature makes them work faster and sharper. They have no zoom ring, so the focal length always stays the same. This can be good or bad depending on your needs. Although prime lenses are less flexible due to the fixed focal length, they are fast and lightweight. The benefit of a prime lens is that they usually have a wider aperture which leads to a greater DOF (Depth of Field).

Zoom lenses:  On the other hand, a zoom lens has an adjustable focal length. So, you can adjust the framing of your shot by adjusting the zoom ring. It adds a great deal of versatility to your lens! Just like having multiple lenses right in one. Their downside is that they tend to have narrower apertures. So, the DOF is lessened and their performance is not as good in low-light situations.

Within both prime and zoom types of lenses, there are a variety of lenses, all with different focal lengths.

What to consider when buying a camera lens?

There are a few important factors to take into consideration when investing in a new camera lens:

Lens Cost: Lenses can get very expensive; the best option is to consider second-hand and used lenses which are available at Faircado in a great variety.

Lens Size and weight: Larger lenses like telephoto ones can weigh as much as 10 pounds. By considering the purpose of your photography; select the right lens for your camera. If you simply want to take vacation photos, opt for a lighter and more compact one. But if you’re a travel professional photographer, then a telephoto is important for capturing rare shots.

Features: In addition to the above-mentioned items, some lenses offer additional functionality like built-in autofocus features. It helps you easily achieve the proper focus for your subject. Others offer manual focus, which is more difficult to use, but better suited to certain situations like low light conditions.

Compatibility: All lenses do not work with every brand or model of the camera; a Nikon lens will not work well with a Canon or Sony camera. Even though you have an adapter, it will not use all its features. So, before buying a camera lens, check the manufacturer’s description to ensure that you chose the correct lens.

At Faircado, we understand that selecting the right lens is just as important as choosing the right camera, so whether you’re building out your photography kit or upgrading your photography gear, we are your source for used camera lenses.

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What are second-hand camera lenses?

At Faircado, we use a standard guide to explain our second-hand lens’ condition. Rest assured that we work with reliable sellers who have a guarantee and are well-known in the online market. All items are operationally checked and are in good working order.

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Why buy second-hand camera lenses?

Many professional photographers upgrade their equipment as soon as the newest models come to market and then sell their older gear before it starts to lose value. So here the obvious reason for buying a second-hand lens is to save money. Used lenses; if they are in fully functional condition, can be bought significantly cheaper than brand new ones. 

As new lenses get more expensive all the time, many photographers choose to purchase used gear and save money. However certain lenses can only be bought new at least for a while, the second-hand and used lens market is often full of great lens choices. By searching in the right markets, you could get a barely used lens at a fraction of its original retail price. Used lenses offer the same great quality and functionality for less. You can be reassured that the product has been checked and tested before being sold to you, and most of the time you will be covered by a reliable warranty. 

At Faircado we believe that buying a refurbished product plays an important role in reducing the environmental impact. We are really engaged in creating a wide community of happy users and in saving our planet earth. You can find all the information you need to make better purchase decisions for your second-hand flashgun.

Where to buy second-hand camera lenses?

The place where you look for used lenses on sale matters a lot. While many prefer to buy used gear from famous places, there are other second-hand markets that work with plenty of retailers who have the best prices and guarantees like Faircado. When choosing a second-hand camera lens, remember that units are generally brand-specific. This means a Nikon flash is only fully compatible with a camera from the same company. And a Canon flash will only work with a Canon camera. Although reliable third-party manufacturers came to work such as Nissin and Metz who make variants for all brands.

At Faircado we have an extensive range of the lens, whether you are an amateur or professional you will find your desired second-hand lens at an affordable price for making creative images.

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What should be aware of before buying camera lenses?

Before doing any tests with a camera, always make sure to examine the exterior and the interior condition of the second-hand camera lens. Check: 

However, keep an eye for the following:

For further help and information, do not hesitate to be in touch with the Faircado team.