What does a camera stand for?

Camera stands are devices used to support a camera during shooting. Generally using them is a support for your camera to achieve stability during photoshoots or while filming a video. Camera stands are very helpful instruments and are designed to prevent your camera from shaking. They also keep your rig steady to take sharp photos and get better results. In use, they help the camera to be set and locked in the desired position.

While shaky footage can be unpleasant to look at and distracts viewers from properly viewing the scenes shown in the video, stable footage is an essential factor in producing professional images and videos. As a result, you won’t be able to print your images to a larger format without exposing the camera shake. To achieve this, you have to strive for more stable footage by using a camera stand. The camera stands to act like tripods, but they take up less space. This is a practical option especially when you are having limited space.

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Camera stands vs. tripod

You can sometimes hear tripods being improperly referred to as camera stands. However, the two devices are different both in construction and use. Camera stands:

have more in common with broadcast camera pedestals

are not easily transportable like tripods

are built for stability and ease of use, but this does not come in light

are made for the smooth level floor of a studio.

have very minimal levelling capabilities, if any.

Properly set up, they allow for fast, secure and effortless position adjustments. On a stand, you can go from ground level to 9 feet high with one hand.

What is a second-hand camera stand?

If there is one thing in a photo studio that most photographers would agree is simply indispensable, it would be the camera stand. A good studio camera stand is an absolutely essential item in today’s successful studios. They provide the most rigid camera support for large format cameras, and more than that, they provide fluid-smooth camera positioning unparalleled by any tripod. With a camera stand, you can move your camera from floor to ceiling, from one end of the studio to the next or to the exact same perspective you shot in only a few seconds. Believe it or not, no other camera support is faster, easier or more precise than a good camera stand. 

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Why buy second-hand camera stands?

Buying a second-hand camera stand can be a great way to get what you want at a bargain price. Used cameras offer the same great quality and functionality for less. You can be reassured that the product has been checked and tested before being sold to you, and most of the time you will be covered by a reliable warranty. 


At Faircado we believe that buying a refurbished product plays an important role in reducing the environmental impact. We are really engaged in creating a wide community of happy users and in saving our planet earth. You can find all the information you need to make better daily purchase decisions.


Where to buy second-hand camera stands?

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