What are dash cams?

Dash cams or dashboard cameras are devices mounted on the windscreen, to record everything in front and in some instances the rear of a driver. The camera turns on automatically upon starting the ignition. Then it actively records video files with an auto-looping mechanism. It has real-time impact detection that allows the camera to store accident footage in a secure location, whereupon sensing an impact. The video files can be used as supplementary proof for insurance purposes, which can protect the driver against insurance frauds or hit-and-runs.

Actually, dash cams are designed to provide drivers with peace of mind, leaving them safe in the knowledge that police and insurers can understand exactly what happened in case of an incident and then make a decision on who was at fault; as if you have an extra eye on the road!

Why do you need a dash cam?

The first and most important nature of a dash cam is to act as a “silent witness” in the event of accidents. The dash cams are designed to carefully and accurately record every detail that happens on the road. They can be a motorist’s independent witness at the time of involvement in an incident. It can also save motorists money on their insurance.

Dash cams are more useful than you think, although their upfront cost may seem expensive; they have proven to help drivers save money in the long run. Knowing that your vehicle is protected by your silent witness is priceless.

Dash cams protect your “No Claims Discount”. They protect your car while it is parked with their “Parking Mode”. They tackle crime and bad motorists. And finally, they resolve disputes from incidents quicker.

How does a dash cam work?

A dash cam is mounted onto the windscreen of the car and records the road while you are driving. It’s powered via the cigarette lighter cable or can be hardwired into the fuse box. It starts recording automatically when the ignition key is turned and records on a continuous loop with each clip filmed on a short 3-minute segment onto a micro-SD card.

They also record at night, but as light levels get low, certain technologies like WDR and HDR improve clarity in night vision so much. So, if you do a lot of driving at night, it’s highly recommended to select dash cams that have the latest Sony EXMOR sensors for ultimate night vision and picture quality.

Dash Cam Features

Video quality: Video quality will determine how much you’ll actually be able to make out from the images captured. High Definition or HD is the thing to look out for which provides clear and sharp video. Ultra-High Definition called UHD, videos are twice the resolution of HD and 4K whereas videos are four times the resolution of HD are becoming more popular.

Having better cameras results in having clear pictures which allow you to see the smaller details. Such as the number plate of the car that’s just had an accident with you and driven off or the face of the person who’s just tried to break into your car.

Viewing angle: The viewing angle determines how much of the road ahead or behind can be recorded. They usually start at about 120 degrees and go up to a full 180 degrees. The human eye has a field of vision of about 140 degrees, so a 180-degree, the dash cam will capture more of what’s going on at the sides of your car. It is especially important for collisions that happen at the side or corners of the vehicle.

Night time recording: almost every dash cam available at Faircado is capable of night time recording, so accidents that happen at night will still be recorded clearly.

GPS: Dash cams with built-in GPS will automatically add a location to any important video clips. It lets viewers know exactly where any incidents happen.

Wi-Fi: This option helps a lot when you want to view saved clips on your phone or smart device. By connecting your smartphone to the dash cam’s Wi-Fi, videos will transfer without the need to remove the SD card and connect it to a PC.

Parking Mode: Most dash cam models feature “Parking Mode”, which can record incidents and role as a deterrent against theft and damage at the time you’re away from your car. Advanced dash cams can be set up to send video footage directly to your smartphone.

The best dash cams

Nextbase: Nextbase is the best-selling brand in dash cams. thanks to an impressive range of design features and functions that include Wi-Fi connectivity, HD video recording and some impressive sensor technology from Sony in selected models.

Garmin: Garmin is famous for creating quality sat navs and travel technology. But nowadays they extend their fame to dash cam range. Some Garmin dash cams warn drivers of potential obstacles if they leave their lane while driving on the motorway, for red lights ahead and if there are speed cameras in the area. These are great features for making driving even safer.

BlackVue: BlackVue dash cams are top-level dash cams, featuring high-quality video recording up to 4K, sleek designs, Wi-Fi and connectivity to certain models. If your choice is BlackVue dash cams, consider models with Sony STARVIS technology as they provide exceptional footage even on the darkest roads.

What are second-hand and refurbished dash cams?

A refurbished is a product that has been returned, repaired and/or tested as necessary, and restocked for sale at a lower price. Also, a certified refurbished dash cam has been returned when a customer has either changed their mind or the product was used as a demonstration. The manufacturer then puts it through a rigorous refurbishing process and returns it to saleable condition and repackaged. After a final quality check, the product is marked as certified refurbished and can be sold.

Dash cams are the type of gadget you don’t think you would need until something bad happens.  Although it seems that in the near future; new car manufacturers fit dash cams as standard, in the same way, the vast majority of laptops come with a built-in webcam, until that time and for older vehicles, investing in a second-hand dash cam is a smart move.

The quality of the footage that is captured by a dash cam is very important. Most second-hand dashboard cameras will support the 720-pixel resolution as a minimum. Some used dash cams will record in 1080-pixel, offering an even better quality of the footage.

Deciding on choosing a single lens or multiple lens dash cam model is important. The most common are single lens used dash cams, they can be found to match all budgets, but being single lens, are more limited. However, multiple lens models will capture more comprehensive footage of an accident or event, while they are more expensive and trickier to install.

You can find a variety of refurbished and second-hand dash cams on Faircado based on your budget and priority. 

Why buy a refurbished dash cam?

Buying a refurbished item can be a great way to get what you want at a bargain price. Refurbished dash cams offer the same great quality and functionality for less. You can be reassured that the product has been checked and tested by the manufacturer before being sold to you, and most of the time you will be covered by the manufacturer’s refurbished warranty.

At Faircado, we believe that buying a refurbished product helps to play an important role in reducing the environmental impact while saving you money. We are highly engaged in creating a wide community of happy users and in saving our beloved planet. We give you all the information you need to make better daily purchase decisions. Also, at Faircado, there is zero room for tricks, little arrangements, tax evasion or conflict of interest.

Buying a refurbished dash cam, for example, puts it into circulation. So, if you care about the environment, trying to purchase a used product will leave you feeling like you are doing your part to help protect the environment. It has the same quality and great value.

Buying refurbished or off-brand products lets you upgrade on a more frequent schedule at a lower cost so transitions to more advanced equipment end up costing you less. And finally, by buying refurbished or reconditioned products, you can do your small part to reduce the ever-increasing volumes of e-waste being generated every year.

Where to buy a refurbished dash cam?

When buying a refurbished dash cam, we always recommend using a reputable retailer. ​Buying used items increases your risk, so where you buy from is critical.

Try to buy wisely. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to score yourself a deal on second-hand markets like Faircado. If you’re looking to buy a webcam for the best price, Faircado has the deal for you.

No matter what second-hand dashcam model you’re looking for, you’ll be glad to know that you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by purchasing a second-hand one through Faircado. Our deals change on a regular basis, so make sure you bookmark our site so you never miss a great deal on used, second-hand and refurbished dash cams. For further help or information, do not hesitate to be in touch with the Faircado team.