What are second-hand and refurbished Document Scanners?

Whether you need to scan family photos or piles of documents, there’s a scanner built for the task and that is the document scanner. On the other hand, it is difficult to survive in a business environment without having adequate technical support. Used and refurbished document scanners can be a great option for business firms. Both individuals and enterprises can consider buying refurbished scanners.

Refurbished products are the ones, which were returned by the buyers immediately after opening the package because they did not find them in good working condition. In such cases, the company sends these products back to the manufacturing units, where the defects are detected and fixed.

Sometimes, the manufacturer itself filters some of the device models not functioning properly in the final testing before packaging. Then also the products are sent back to the production unit where repairing is done.

Used products are different; they are second-hand devices. Used and refurbished scanner sales are increasing because people find it suitable to get perfectly functioning products at relatively lower prices.

Why buy a second-hand Document Scanner?

Consumer electronics are an enormous source of environmental waste. The plastics used to make the components are made of fossil fuels and these devices take hundreds of years to decompose. Buying second-hand scanners reduces the number of new ones that must be made and extends the time the scanners will finally go to waste. So, if you’re conscious of your environmental footprint, you may want to start shopping for second-hand electronic products; like refurbished document scanners.

Also, more and more people are trying to find less expensive ways to purchase the items they either need or want these days. If you need a document scanner for home affairs or your office, refurbished and second-hand document scanners are a good alternative because they are tested and guaranteed to work. There are often returned document scanners, which customers either used for a brief amount of time and sent them back or due to buyer remorse.

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Where to buy a second-hand Document Scanner?

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What should be aware of before buying a Document Scanner?

Settling on a scanner that meets your specific needs can be challenging. Most scanners on the market today can handle everyday office tasks, but they come in a wide variety of types and sizes that are fine-tuned for different purposes. Document scanners, photo scanners, receipt scanners, film scanners…

Here are the key questions to think about and ask before you jump into buying any refurbished scanner.

What Kind of Media Will You Scan?

Knowing what and how often you expect to scan will tell you everything you need to know about the features you’ll need. Photos and unbound documents are the most obvious things to scan. But you may also need to scan bound books, business cards, magazines, receipts, and easily damaged originals like postage stamps.

Do You Need a Flatbed Scanner?

For photos or other easily damaged originals, bound material, and 3D objects, you need a flatbed scanner, which has a large glass plate on which you place the documents, photos, books, or items.

When talking about 3D scanning objects, we mean scanning 3D objects to two-dimensional images. 3D scanners for scanning objects to 3D files for display or printing on a 3D printer are different amazing products.

Do You Need Duplex (Two-Sided) Scanning?

Duplex scanning means scanning both sides of a page. If you expect to frequently scan documents that are printed on both sides, you’ll want a duplexing scanner, a duplexing ADF, or a scanner with a driver that includes a manual-duplex feature.

What Resolution and Scan Size Do You Need?

For most scanning, the resolution isn’t an issue, even a 200-pixel-per-inch (PPI) scan will give you good enough quality for most purposes. 300 PPI is almost always sufficient, and it’s hard to find a scanner today that supports less than 600 PPI.

What Software Will You Use?

Most scanners come with basic scanning software. Depending on what you plan to scan, some of the features you may want to look for include: photo editing, optical character recognition (OCR), text indexing, and the ability to create searchable PDF documents. Modern scanners will work seamlessly with both macOS and Windows, and many of them can also scan to your phone or a cloud drive.

Do You Need a Special-Purpose Scanner?

Finally, consider whether you need a special-purpose scanner. Among the most common special-purpose choices are scanners for business cards (small and highly portable) and receipts (small and equipped with specialised software). Specialised slide scanners are smaller than flatbed scanners, but they’re no better at scanning slides than flatbed scanners with equivalent features.

For further help or information, do not hesitate to be in touch with the Faircado team.