What are dot matrix printers?

Dot matrix printers, also known as “impact matrix printers” are unique printing machines. They use a row of pins and ink ribbon to leave impressions on a page instead of using ink cartridges. These pins act as high-impact printing heads which strike the printer ribbon and leave a series of dots on paper by using either back-and-forth or up-and-down motions. This printing process is based on the manual typewriter.

The limitation of dot matrix printers is that they can’t print specific numbers or characters, only patterns and symbols that go on to look like the numbers and letters you’d want to print.

Dot matrix printers are mainly used in industrial and commercial settings. Although inkjet and laser technologies may be the most commonly used printers of this age, dot matrix printers are still much-needed for heavy-duty printing.

What are dot matrix printers used for?

Dot matrix printers are primarily used in the industrial and commercial industries as they are specialised to print on multi-page forms. For example purchase orders, shipping forms, and event logos. They are also used in retail and banking to print documents and receipts from ATMs, cash registers, and sales terminals, too.

These types of documents require a printer that is more durable than a standard inkjet or laser printer that would be in a home or office. The printer heads strike with enough force to print through up to seven sheets of regular paper and up to five or six layers of continuous-form paper.

Benefits of using dot matrix printers:

Long-lasting: They are workhorses that would last for decades if they are maintained properly. The dot matrix print head can produce between 300 to 600 million strokes per pin. The ink ribbon can produce up to 10 million characters before needing to be replaced.

Exceptional quality: The number of pins it has is the most important thing to evaluate, which can impact the printer’s resolution. A 24-pin dot matrix printer, for instance, produces sharper, easier-to-read documents and can last for years without needing to be repaired or replaced.

Durable in Challenging Environments: They are built to tolerate anything their environments expose, like constant exposure to dust, humidity or warm temperatures. Dot matrix printers can handle from warehouses to laboratories.

Efficiency: They are great for manufacturing settings as they don’t need to be constantly monitored. Dot matrix printers need very limited human interaction to operate.

Cost-effective: They are relatively low maintenance because dot matrix printers have minimal electrical parts that keep their cost per page low. So, businesses trying to save or reduce equipment overhead can use them.

What are second-hand dot matrix printers?

Second-hand or used dot matrix printers are fully functional printers. They are likely to show signs of previous use but are all in perfect working condition. Highly trained technicians do a small test print on these machines and inspect the units to identify any faults. If a fault is identified, the necessary fixes are made. The printer then undergoes an extensive testing and is then repackaged ready to send to you. So, you can be sure about the second-hand printers that you buy on Faircado.

On Faircado, many of our second-hand products; here talking about dot matrix printers, come with a guarantee or/and a warranty.

Why buy second-hand dot matrix printers?

Buying a refurbished machine will do more than just save you money. Buying a second-hand reconditioned printer will cut the harmful emissions that would be created during the manufacturing process of producing a new machine. It will also save a machine from ending up in a landfill.

Also, second-hand dot matrix printers might be the perfect choice for those who care about the environment. Making new technology needs more chemicals from the urban mines. By choosing refurbished products, the need for making new ones is reduced, and less amount of e-waste and toxins enter the natural cycle. A refurbished printer is the ideal way to acquire a printer with the features you require, at an affordable price, if you don’t necessarily need the equipment to be brand new.

A wide variety of refurbished dot matrix printers’ options is available on Faircado. You can decide between second-hand or refurbished dot matrix printers as well as document printers, 3D printers and multifunction printers.

Where to buy second-hand dot matrix printers?

Buying from a reputable reseller is always important; so, make sure to buy from a reputable reseller. Faircado offers a wide range of refurbished dot matrix printers as part of its printers. All of our refurbished printers for sale go through highly rigorous inspection criteria, before being purchased. All of our machines are thoroughly examined, and any old or faltering parts are replaced with 100% operative parts for them to pass our quality report tests. Faircado provides a full range of used machines of all makes and models. Our range of high-quality dot-matrix printers is designed to provide sharper text production. Available in 9-pin and 24-pin configurations, these machines offer quicker printing speeds due to their large print heads. They are perfect for businesses needing a robust and productive printer within demanding environments. Dot matrix printers are ideal for printing multipart pages, making them perfect for data logging. Their consumable life is usually far greater than laser or inkjet printers.

Faircado has a refurbished printer for everyone. So, everyone can find the refurbished printer that’s right for them.

For further help and information, do not hesitate to be in touch with the Faircado team.