What are film scanners?

Film scanners convert the image on a film negative or slide it into a digital image file on a computer directly, without the use of any intermediate printmaking. Film scanners are used to get better digital reproductions than photographic prints. Although they aren’t as good as analogue photographs; which are made directly from the film, the resulting images by a film scanner are detailed enough that they can be enlarged without becoming grainy or blurry. 

Film scanners convert the photograph to pixels, or dots of colour, so the number of pixels determines the resolution. In fact, film and slides are original images, therefore they have high resolution, strong contrast, amazing range of colour, and a great degree of detail. If there is such an image available, using a film scanner to capture it means you get a better representation. 

Herewith on Faircado, we gathered the best film scanner in 2021 by putting together a list that suits all needs and all budgets. Almost all film scanners will scan 35mm colour and black and white negatives.

  1. Plustek OpticFilm 8100
  2. Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE
  3. Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai
  4. Epson Perfection V550 Photo
  5. Epson Perfection V850 Pro
  6. Plustek OpticFilm 135
  7. Pacific Image Power Film Scanner
  8. Kenro 4-in-1 Film & Photo Scanner
  9. Kodak Scanza
  10. Reflecta Cine Film Scanner

Why buy second-hand film scanners?

By buying refurbished or second-hand film scanners, you are giving a user device a new purpose and avoiding it from being thrown into a landfill. Also, refurbished film scanners provide excellent value for money, with the same high performance and quality but at a lower cost.

If you decide to purchase a refurbished film scanner or second-hand film scanner, Faircado is your go-to for environmental protection, time-efficiency and money-saving. Faircado gives all the information you need to make better and more sustainable purchase decisions.

Refurbished film scanners are likely to show signs of previous use, but are all in perfect working condition. Highly trained technicians do small tests on these machines and inspect the units to identify any faults. If a fault is identified, the necessary fixes are made. The scanner then undergoes an extensive testing and is then repackaged ready to send to you.

Where to buy a second-hand film scanner?

Everyone prefers to buy a refurbished film scanner from a trusted source. No matter if you purchase from a private seller or online market, when you purchase a refurbished film scanner online, it is important to verify that your information is safe and that the seller is reliable. 

If you are thinking about buying a refurbished film scanner, you are at the right place. At Faircado you have access to a large variety of refurbished film scanners, with the cheapest prices and reliable sellers. The second-hand film scanners we offer will always be sold directly by a manufacturer, retailer or professional reseller. These machines have been professionally inspected and are problem-free. This adds more reliability and stability to the machine. In addition, refurbished machines are 15-50% cheaper than brand new machines. 

Faircado is a transparent platform. It helps the users to better navigate the often-obscure world of online second-hand shopping. Using it is completely free of charge for all consumers.

What should be aware of before buying film scanners?

While selecting a film scanner, remember that they differ in the size of film accepted, the software they accompany, the time it takes to complete a scan, and the maximum resolution it can handle. Film scanners also have a certain sensitivity to contrast and depth of colour. Good ones will catch bright highlights, but inferior models may dim them. Moreover, consider this point when looking for in a film scanner:

Since refurbished film scanners at Faircado are rigorously inspected and tested before they’re re-sold, we know they work great before we find them a new home. We’re confident that you will end up with a machine that is just as good as new. 

For further help or information, do not hesitate to be in touch with the Faircado team.