What is a flashgun?

A flashgun or Speedlight flash is an accessory made to attach to the hot shoe of digital cameras and automatically fires when a picture is taken. They provide a more powerful flash for your DSLR and improve the quality of your shots. Not just for use in low light, flash guns can also stop shadows and improve the quality of images in all settings.

There are three basic types of camera flashes:

On-camera flash: It is a type of strobe light that connects directly with the camera and uses a self-contained power supply. Additional power sources can be used to improve its performance if needed. The on-camera external flashes are considered to be better than the built-in flash integrated into the camera.

Off-camera flash: It is a creative lighting technique that involves the off-camera placement of a portable flashgun to take control over the direction and intensity of light it produces. This technique can be used in shooting in midday sunlight, sunset or even sunrise. Off-camera flashes are especially used in portraiture and have long been used by wedding, commercial and fashion professionals. Also, it is a popular technique because it provides more interesting highlights and shadows.

In-camera flash: They are usually located near the camera lens which may lead to the red-eye effect while shooting pictures, especially in dimly lit areas. The use of an on-camera flash taken off-camera from a different angle can help in eliminating the effect of red-eye when capturing pictures.

Dedicated flashes only work with a particular brand of the camera body, but have the advantage of more automatic options. Most autofocus SLRs have matching AF flashguns, which allow focusing in complete darkness.

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Why buy second-hand flashguns?

Many professional photographers buy the newest equipment models as soon as it becomes available in the market, and then sell their older gear before it starts to lose value. In this case, you have a chance to upgrade your previous equipment and save a lot of money.

Buying a second-hand camera flashgun can be a great way to get what you want at a cheap price. Used flashguns offer the same great quality and functionality for less. You can be reassured that the product has been checked and tested before being sold to you, and most of the time you will be covered by a reliable warranty. 

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Where to buy second-hand flashguns?

When choosing a flash for your camera, remember that units are generally brand-specific. This means a Nikon flash is only fully compatible with a camera from the same company. And a Canon flash will only work with a Canon camera. However, a reliable third-party manufacturers came to work, such as Nissin and Metz who make variants for all brands.

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What should be aware of before buying flashguns?

There are some points to look for when buying a flashgun, here are the main ones:

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