Huawei MediaPad

The Huawei MediaPad features a brilliant 10.1-inch 1080p display so you will not miss a thing while watching your favourite movies or playing games. For an even better viewing experience, HuaweiClariVu technology further enhances display brightness and clarity.

Moreover, with Huawei’s powerful speakers and fine-tuned audio, level up your auditory experience! It is co-engineered with Harman Kardon. So, the tablet’s quad-speaker system delivers fine-tuned and precisely optimised concert hall audio effects with more bass, and less distortion.

By using Huawei MediaPad, enjoy the immersive 3D surround sound. The great sound immerses you into the scene. The Huawei Histen 5.0 stereo audio creates rich soundscapes to provide you with multi-layered and penetrating 3D surround sound.

Using the specially designed Huawei M-Pen lite Stylus is an extension of your imagination. It is equipped with advanced 2048-layer pressure sensitivity and enables you to naturally jot down notes and write memos with full responsiveness.

Benefit fast charge option that takes less than 2.9 hours to fully charge the Huawei MediaPad. With a 7500 mAh (TYP) battery, the Huawei MediaPad M5 lite fully satisfies your entertainment and gaming needs. Your MediaPad would conveniently follow you wherever your day takes you.

Huawei MediaPad is perfectly designed to protect children’s eyesight. It offers an enhanced eye-comfort mode that effectively reduces harmful blue light and provides smart reminders when the device is too close to a child’s face, or when they read while laying down.

The Huawei MediaPad is an elegantly designed tablet with a metal unibody build and 2.5D curved glass edge. It is a perfect combination of aesthetics and ergonomics. Huawei tablets are gentle and with minimal curves provide a luxurious look, while its slim lightweight design delivers a tablet that feels great in the hand.

Why buy a refurbished Huawei MediaPad?

Now that you get familiar with the Huawei MediaPad, let’s talk about the refurbished option. A refurbished tablet is one that was previously owned. Refurbished and second-hand tablets have been sold or traded into a company that then runs quality tests and brings them back up to the best possible working order. It means replacing the battery or a cracked screen. 

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Where to buy a refurbished Huawei MediaPad?

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