iPhone 12; the first smartphone with 100 per cent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets

Apple has made quite extensive claims in terms of the environmental friendliness of iPhone 12 production. They claim that they now use a lot of recycled materials; for example, when it comes to rare earth elements or tin for soldering. Some components are made up of up to 35 per cent recycled plastics as well. You can read up on Apple’s detailed environmental report on the product here.

Refurbished iPhone 12:

By refurbishing, we mean the quality-assured overhaul and repair of products for reuse. So, an iPhone through this process restores its original factory settings, repairs as needed, and goes for resale. Refurbished iPhone 12 can come from different origins; maybe a consumer has returned to the store; it might be a product sent back to the manufacturer because it was malfunctioning or maybe it was used. No matter where the phone comes from, the good point is, that it’s been tested and repaired to ensure it’s as good as a new iPhone 12.

Buying a second-hand iPhone12 is an alternative to buying a brand-new one for different reasons. You may need a replacement phone due to your original mobile being broken or stolen. Or you may simply desire a change from your current smartphone and upgrade your technology tools. The biggest advantage of buying a second-hand iPhone12 is the money. Refurbished phones are sold at discounted prices as once they are used, they cannot be labelled “new”.

On the other hand, technology is becoming more and more integrated into every aspect of our lives; as a result, e-waste is the world’s fastest-growing solid-waste stream. Purchasing a refurbished iPhone 12 is an environmentally friendly option.

Even the best mobile phones get some price drops when their successors arrive. As long as you’re not obsessive about being at the forefront of mobile technology, there are many ways to save yourself money. Now you can easily choose your desired refurbished iPhone 12 at Faircado with the best price.

At Faircado, no one pays to rank the highest. Any shop can go top if they have the cheapest price. All the business partners and sellers are screened for integrity, legality and creditworthiness.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone 12?

The refurbished iPhone 12 is one of the newest mobile phones available all over the world. Let’s review its details on Faircado, so you can make up your mind better:

iPhone 12 is more angular than its predecessor and it features 5G with an OLDED display. It is a lot lighter and slimmer than the previous model. In 2020, Apple launched four different iPhone models. Two of them are more expensive which are the Pro and Pro Max while the more affordable options are the smaller iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 has many innovations to offer; for example, it now features an OLED display rather than the usual IPS screen. It displays with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels, which means it is suitable for native Full-HD content. It also supports 5G for the first time. Apple seems to have gone back to its roots in terms of design for the angular shape.

Case-Smart Retro Look:

The new shape is so desirable for the traditionalists. It is strongly reminiscent of early iPhones with rounded corners and clear-cut edges. After experiencing more rounded sides in the last generations, this change in shape is quite a statement. It’s your personal opinion whether you like it or not. As usual, the iPhone 12 is available in a range of colours: white, black, blue, green and product red.

The frame is once again made of aluminium and the hardware buttons are fitted precisely. According to IP68; the case is protected from water and dust.

Also, Apple has created a new type of ceramic glass, which is named “ceramic shield”. It is supposed to better protect the front of the phone compared to its predecessors.

Connectivity-Expensive and with Limited Storage:

All iPhone 12 devices are equipped with 4 GB of RAM. It wouldn’t be a lot for an Android phone but seems to be enough for Apple’s iOS. Buyers can choose the size of their storage, which cannot be expanded by microSD:

This makes the iPhone 12 quite a bit more expensive than its predecessor. Although the phone only has one SIM slot, the device supports an eSIM too. It means that you can still use two networks simultaneously on this smartphone.


The iOS 14 has several new features, like:


The iPhone 12 lineup delivers advanced camera systems, with A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone, and powerful computational photography features to all users. Photographers around the world are using iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max to capture stunning images of cityscapes, landscapes, people, and more, from day to night.

Further differences from predecessors can be found in terms of software. We now have an improved night mode that also works for the wide-angle and front lens and enables you to record traces of light on video. Videos can also be recorded in the improved HDR mode Dolby Vision, in 4K and 60 fps.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini feature a powerful dual-camera system with an expansive Ultra-Wide camera and a new Wide camera with an f/1.6 aperture that provides 27 per cent more light for improved photos and videos in low-light environments.

Accessories and Warranty:

The charger and headset do not include anymore. If you need these accessories, you have to buy them separately. Apple claims that this is due to environmental concerns, as most customers have a charger at home already. In this way Apple can make the box smaller, reducing CO2 emissions during transport. If users wanted to quick charge a device, they had to purchase an additional new updated charger anyway, with extra payment.

The hardware buttons on the side are standby and volume buttons. Of course, the famous slider to set the phone to silent and back is still there as well. All keys are of very high quality and sit tight in the case with a good pressure point.

Where to buy a refurbished iPhone 12?

Buying a refurbished iPhone 12 from trusted sources is always preferred. Every manufacturer and store is different, however; while you can buy refurbished Apple products directly from online shops, you can also buy them from big retailers, but you need to read the fine print to know what you’re getting. When it comes to Apple refurbished products, they are one of the best in the business, providing like-new products with acceptable warranties at a discounted price.

Faircado is home to plenty of second-hand Apple products like second-hand and refurbished iPhone 12. It is free to use and operates as a comparator for offers sold through many certified e-commerce retailers. Here, you have access to a large variety of refurbished Apple products with the cheapest prices and reliable sellers.

Faircado doesn’t sell nor share its user’s email and does not store any payment information since the purchase is made directly on the refurbisher website.

What should be aware of before buying a refurbished mobile phone?

For the best balance between price and performance, Faircado recommends looking at refurbished models that are around a year old. These mobile phones are still new enough that you probably won’t have issues. But after a year you should find them at deep discounts on online second-hand markets.

Make sure you’re buying a phone that will work with your carrier. A refurbished mobile phone may or may not be locked, but it should be noted when you buy. Apple, for example, lets you pick your carrier, while other retailers may only have stock for certain carriers.

Finally, if you need further help or information for choosing or buying a refurbished Apple product, do not hesitate to be in touch with the Faircado team. Many Apple lovers in our team are eagerly ready to help you.