What are second-hand and refurbished MacBook Air?

Certified refurbished MacBooks from Apple are backed by a one-year warranty and have free delivery and returns. They also include:

Full functional testing, genuine Apple part replacements (if necessary), a thorough cleaning and the original operating system or a more recent version. All refurbished MacBooks are repackaged in a brand-new box with all accessories and cables. At the same time, you can get a great warranty on buying a refurbished MacBook, and also get an “Excellent” condition device that looks and works as good as new.

At Faircado, we help you to decide which used MacBook is right for you. A used MacBook is the perfect choice if you’re a freelancer on the go, or if you just want that amazing Apple technology in a smaller, more convenient package. 

Refurbished MacBook Air: MacBook Air is probably the most commonly used MacBook, because of its relatively entry-level price, sleek design, and stellar functionality. This product may be the cheapest MacBook, but it packs a punch and should be more than powerful enough for almost all business professionals, students, and casual users. Here are our tips for buying a used & refurbished MacBook Air if you want to do some more reading. The first MacBook Air to get a Retina display was the 2018 model. And this display is no simple marketing gimmick; it’s super nice and we suggest getting a refurbished MacBook that has one of these if you plan on spending a lot of time using your new refurbished laptop. If you’re looking for something light, view our range of refurbished MacBook Airs.

We offer a range of pre-owned and refurbished MacBook Airs on Faircado, which are perfect for home use. The MacBook Air was first introduced back in 2008 and there have been many models since then including 11-inch and 13-inch screens. It’s not the highest performance model in the range but that’s not what it’s designed for. For those who don’t use professional apps, you can save yourself hundreds by shopping for our refurbished MacBook airs.

The MacBook Air comes with a dual-core processor that’s good for multitasking, email, document drafting, watching Netflix and similar tasks. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to take around with you. MacBook Air is ideal for you if you need a Mac for your kids for homework or for yourself to take to college. Although not very customizable, we offer all of our refurb 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs in as many possible configurations compatible and you’ll find the options available on Faircado product pages.

Why Buy a Second-hand MacBook Air?

Refurbished MacBooks Air might be the perfect choice for those who care about the environment. Making new technology needs more chemicals from the urban mines. On the other hand, electronic waste is very varied and is often mixed with other types of waste. Their composition varies from little part to another and this is very harmful to the land and the environment. By choosing refurbished products, the need for making new ones reduces, and less amount of e-waste and toxins enter the natural cycle.

Also, buying a refurbished MacBook Air is a great way to save money because you’re buying something you want at a lower price. A refurbished MacBook Air costs less than a new one, but you’re still getting a quality product in perfect working order.

When you go secondhand shopping, look for products that are “refurbished” or “certified pre-owned.” It means they are like new (inspected and restored to their original condition). In most cases, these are products that are returned exactly after selling. This doesn’t mean the item was damaged; there could have been a minor defect or scar. Sometimes, the device wasn’t even used after the package was opened.

Remember a refurbished MacBook Air can give you the same performance and look just as good as a new device. Our refurbished MacBooks Air at Faircado, have gone through rigorous testing at the hands of professionals, as opposed to typical used MacBooks that are sold without certified factory checks, you can trust they will be just as dependable as brand-new devices.

Where to buy a second-hand MacBook Air?

Of course, everyone prefers to buy a refurbished MacBook Air from trusted sources. No matter if you purchase from a private seller or online market when you purchase a refurbished MacBook Air online, it is important to verify that your information is safe and that the seller is reliable. Reading previous customers’ feedback in online markets is also suggested.

Here at Faircado, we have a selection of expertly refurbished MacBooks available for up to 30% off the price of an equivalent new model. The data is securely erased before they are carefully checked for any defects and repaired in our certified refurbishment facilities. You can buy a refurbished MacBook Air with confidence. All of the factories’ refurbished MacBooks are backed by a 14-day no-quibble right to return and a 12-month warranty as standard.

The best refurbished MacBook Air will come from the manufacturer, which will always ensure that the product is up to factory standards. Faircado is a transparent platform; it helps the users to better navigate the often-obscure world of online second-hand shopping. Using it is completely free of charge for all consumers.

Points you need to consider before buying a second-hand or refurbished MacBook:

Physical properties: Look at the physical properties of the MacBook, and what the weight and dimensions are. Are you looking for something ultra-portable, or something big and durable?

Technical specifications: Check out the technical specifications; decide what storage is right for you, and if having HD graphics is important.

Price: It’s important to compare the price of the refurbished items with their original retail price. Once you’ve done this, you can better determine whether buying a specific MacBook refurbished is worth saving the money. 

Battery: No Matter What, the battery will eventually die after about 3 to 5 years. Running your new tech is going to be hard without power. That’s why it’s important to verify that the refurbished MacBook you’re getting comes with a battery. Batteries can be expensive, and so some consumers try to find models that don’t come with batteries.

Warranty: Depending on where you get it from, your refurbished item may or may not have some kind of warranty. Faircado recommends you buy refurbished MacBooks that come with a warranty, because if the refurbisher is confident in offering a warranty, then you can be confident that the product is of good quality.

If you’re not sure what Mac is right for you or you find any details unclear, then get in touch as our team of experts are familiar with a huge range of applications and use cases and can pinpoint applicable models. So, do not hesitate to be in touch with the Faircado team.