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First, let’s see what refurbished mobile phone refers to?

In fact, refurbishing means the quality-assured overhaul and repair of products for the purpose of reuse. A refurbished mobile phone restored to its original factory settings, repaired as needed, and resold to a new owner. Refurbished smartphones can come from different origins. The one you find might be something a consumer has returned to store; it might be a product sent back to the manufacturer because it was malfunctioning or maybe it was used.

No matter where the phone came from, the good point is, it's been tested and repaired to ensure it's as good as new. However, the second-hand mobile phone may not come in its original box or include all of the original accessories. Before being put on sale, all refurbished mobile phones have been thoroughly tested and checked to ensure they’re in full working order.

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It may come to your mind what parts of mobile were exchanged during refurbishing?

Generally, all wear parts of a smartphone should be replaced; including:

  • the case, if it shows signs of use
  • the display if it shows signs of use
  • the battery
  • accessories in such as power supply unit, cables and headphones

Why buy a second-hand mobile phone?

Technology is becoming more and more integrated into every aspect of our lives; as a result, e-waste is the world’s fastest-growing solid-waste stream around the world. Purchasing a second-hand mobile phone is an environmentally friendly option.

On the other hand, buying a second-hand mobile phone is a trendy topic recently. Although picking a shiny new flagship is incredibly satisfying, it's always worth saving the euros involved. Refurbished phones are sold at discounted prices as once they are used, they cannot be labeled "new". Especially  when you need a replacement phone due to your original mobile being broken or stolen. Or you may simply desire a change from your current smartphone.

Considering that even the best mobile phones get some price drops when their successors arrive! As long as you're not obsessive about being at the forefront of mobile technology, there are many ways to save yourself money.

A recent research by International Data Corporation (IDC)  shows that consumers are buying fewer new devices, instead turning to used ones, fueling the secondary market to a predicted market value of $65 billion by 2024. (

Now you can easily choose your desired refurbished mobile phone at Faircado with the cheapest price. At Faircado, no-one pays to rank the highest. Any shop can go top if they have the cheapest price. All the business partners and sellers are screened for integrity, legality and creditworthiness.

Where to buy a second-hand mobile phone?

Buying a refurbished smartphone from trusted sources is always preferred. Whether  you purchase from a private seller or online market, when you purchase a phone online, it is crucial to verify that your information is safe and that the seller is reliable. After all, you will be submitting your credit card information. Reading previous customers' feedback in online markets is also suggested.

The best refurbished mobile phones will come from the manufacturer, which will always ensure that the phone is up to factory standards.

Faircado is a transparent platform. It helps the users to better navigate the often-obscure world of online second-hand shopping. Using Faircado is completely free of charge for all consumers.

What should be aware of before buying a refurbished mobile phone?

There are a number of things to keep in mind while buying refurbished phones. Be sure of the quality and reliability of the device before buying a refurbished smartphone.

Here are some more things a user must keep in mind while opting to buy a refurbished phone:

Select Grade A Refurbished Mobile Phones:

According to their condition, refurbished smartphones are categorized into 3 grades, which means Grade A phones are almost like brand-new phones, Grade B which have been used for some time with some scratches, Grade C have so many scratches and also some dents; but they work perfectly fine.

Generally, the grading is done on the basis of physical appearance. If you like to choose a Grade A phone, note that they are expensive and are perfect for someone who is looking to buy an almost brand-new phone at a cheaper price.

Return Policy of Refurbished Mobile Phones:

When you buy a refurbished phone from an online market, make sure the store offers a return policy. These are essential as a refurbished smartphone may work before and could start showing issues after using it for a couple of days.

Final Tips:

  • For the best balance between price and performance, Faircado recommends looking at refurbished models that are around a year old. These mobile phones are still new enough that you probably don't have issues. But after a year you should find them at deep discounts on online second-hand markets.
  • When you buy a new smartphone, you expect it to show up in a new box with a charging cable. But for refurbished mobile phones, you may not get all the accessories.
  • Make sure you’re buying a phone that will work with your carrier. A refurbished mobile phone may or may not be locked, but it should be clearly noted when you buy. Apple, for example, lets you pick your carrier, while other retailers may only have stock for certain carriers.

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