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Why buy a second-hand laptop?

If you’re looking to update your laptop, you have two choices: new or refurbished. It's more probable that you choose to buy a new one. But before that let’s see what are refurbished laptops and the benefits of buying them?

Refurbished laptops are simply machines returned for some reasons like; inspecting, upgrading, repairing if necessary and cleaning. Specialists check them and make sure they're working well and are in good software and hardware condition before returning them to market. 

At Faircado, we despise a waste of time, money and resources. Our mission is to tackle the three at once; a solution to increase the circularity of produced goods, allows for time-efficient and money-saving shopping. 

Buying a refurbished laptop or second-hand notebook reduces electronic wastes and toxins. It also decreases the need for natural resources and prevents more production and recycling. All this process has a long-lasting impact on the environment. The world’s resources that are available at present are very limited.

The second-hand laptops and notebooks we offer on Faircado will always be sold by a manufacturer or a professional reseller. We don’t sell anything, rather give you information about products with the best and cheapest available prices in the online second-hand market. You know the condition of your selected second-hand laptop in advance, as we have sorted them in categories. The prices depend on the condition and specs of each laptop.

Where to buy a second-hand laptop?

Many retailers and online shops that sell new laptops sell refurbished and second-hand laptops too. 

Faircado has made every effort to provide the best available shopping options for its users. We recommend you to check the trader’s site for terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information. The good point about Faircado is that in this platform, no one pays to rank higher. But any shop can go top if they have the cheapest price. However, all the business partners are screened for integrity, legality and creditworthiness.

What should I be aware of before buying a refurbished laptop?

Buying a second-hand laptop is a great idea, as you get a fully functional device with saving money and a good feeling of saving the planet Earth. But getting a used laptop, like buying any other second-hand good, has its risks. At Faircado we help you to navigate through the often-obscure world of online second-hand shopping and select what you wish for the best price.  

A laptop generally works for about five years, depending on its usage and the quality of the product. Although they work more, especially if they are well protected and treated properly.

Here are all points you need to be aware about buying a second-hand laptop:

1.   Check the laptop body to see the frame is free from cracks and signs of impact. 

2.   The next important step is to make sure the screen is working well. Any flickering, discoloration, brightness and bad pixels are defects.

3.   The keyboard and trackpad are the most used parts of the laptop. Check all keyboard buttons and see if the trackpad works smoothly.

4.   Try out all the refurbished laptops ports and inputs: USB and ethernet ports, headphone jack, HDMI, SD card slot and other available inputs.

5.   Check Wireless and Bluetooth connection, and make sure you can see and connect to available network connections.

6.   Test the laptop webcam and speaker.

7.   Don’t forget to check the laptop's battery health. You can go to the power management in the setting part and get a rough idea of how long the battery lasts. Also, check if the battery charges properly and doesn’t empty out too fast.

8.   Check the laptops software to make sure the preloaded operating system is genuine.

Almost the same points are practical for buying second-hand notebooks and refurbished ones. 

Final points about buying refurbished laptop:

If your need to change laptops is not urgent, it's possible to find more heavily discounted laptops or get extra offerings, especially if you are willing to look at the previous years' model. There are some specific times of year, when you can find these better deals:

First of all, the end of July through the middle of August (back to school season) is one of the best time periods of the year for refurbished and second-hand laptop deals. As pupils are getting ready to go back to school and many of them opt to change their laptops.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to buy different tech products, and laptops are no exception. Those looking for a particular laptop model can try to set an alert or keep a browser page open to make sure they know exactly when the product goes on sale.

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