Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you like to upgrade your iPhone but are reluctant to pay high prices, we suggest you follow us here. Nowadays talking about refurbished products is very trendy. Buying a refurbished iPhone is good for your wallet and planet at the same time. Here we specifically review refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max.

A refurbished iPhone is broadly categorised as a returned product that has been repaired, tested and cleaned up to be in good working order for a re-sell. In this way, they have gone through a refurbishment testing process. Refurbished iPhones are 100% functional, and all their components work like new. There is a complete text about refurbished Apple Products on our website, that you can refer to.

The refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max will go through the same testing process as new devices do. So, any defect is found and repaired, and any faulty part is replaced. Since the products aren’t new, retailers do not price them as new. This allows you to get a fully working, virtually new product at a sizable discount.

Every Apple Certified Refurbished product; here talking about iPhone 12 Pro Max, goes under a careful refurbishment process that includes full testing that meets the same functional standards as new Apple products. Your refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max is true “like new,” with special savings of up to 15%. In this process, genuine Apple replacement parts (as needed) have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max will come with a new battery and outer shell for resale. All Apple Certified Refurbished products will come with all accessories, cables, and operating systems and are packaged in a brand-new white box. Although you have the option of getting additional coverage by purchasing Applecare products, the standard one-year limited warranty is available.

On the other hand, most iPhone hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complementary technical support. To get additional coverage, you can purchase the Applecare product that fits your device.

There is another option named “AppleCare+” for the iPhone, which includes up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months.

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss is the completest care one could get. It gets everything included in AppleCare+ and up to two incidents of theft or loss coverage every 12 months.

Remember theft and loss coverage requires you to have the “Find My iPhone” option enabled on your iPhone at the time it is lost or stolen.

Where to Buy Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Buying a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max from trusted sources is always preferred. No matter if you purchase from a private seller or online market, when you purchase a phone online, it is crucial to verify that your information is safe and that the seller is reliable. The best refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max will come from the manufacturer, which is Apple company, and will always ensure that the phone is up to factory standards. At Faircado you can easily search a large number of iPhones with different models and find the one you need; like iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB Silver.

Faircado is a transparent platform. It helps the users to better navigate the often-obscure world of online second-hand shopping. Using Faircado is completely free of charge for all consumers. It operates as a comparator for offers sold through many certified e-commerce retailers.

Why Buy Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Buying a refurbished product is a responsible way to use electronic goods. Repurposing pre-owned devices means that no more electronic waste is created at least on your behalf. In this way, buying refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max is good not only for your wallet but also for the planet. Giving these devices a new life allows you to avoid disposal and electronic waste and it is a strong boost to the circular economy.

Buying a refurbished iPhone is one of the clearest and easiest ways you can help the environment right now. Mining some of the elements that go into your electronics might result in significant environmental and humanitarian issues. Plus, like cars, many electronic products lose their value as soon as you drive them out. Saving 20 to 50 per cent on a working device sounds very tempting.

Points you need to consider before buying Refurbished iPhones:

Finally, if you need further help or information for buying a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max, do not hesitate to be in touch with Faircado. Many Apple lovers in our team are eagerly ready to help you.