Co-financed by the European Union

The second-hand market is growing very quickly. This applies both to the number of potential customers and to the number of platforms and online stores offering second-hand products. Due to the large number of provider platforms and the increasing complexity of the market, aggregator solutions and platforms are becoming increasingly established. They “sort” and “create order” for interested and potential customers to find the best products for them.

Faircado UG has set itself the goal of developing the best second-hand aggregator with a clear focus on sustainability. To this end, the company is developing a platform or system that aggregates second-hand products and offers from various online sources. The information collected is made available to potential customers via various applications. Currently, this is mainly done via the recently introduced browser extension. Other applications and solutions are also conceivable in the future.

Collecting, storing, managing and searching for second-hand products or second-hand offers from different sources is a challenging endeavor for several reasons. The EU co-financed project, therefore, aims to develop an application that searches hundreds of millions of products from third-party platforms within milliseconds and returns suitable results.

For the realization of a search and matching system, the latest AI technologies from the field of “neural text processing”, “neural image analysis”, “multimodal neural network structures” and “information retrieval” are applied, further developed and recombined in large amounts of data in this project. AI technologies are the only way to enable content-based classification of this quality.

The technologies that will be used in this project come from leading international universities and research institutes of large tech companies. These represent the latest and most up-to-date technological solutions in their respective fields of research.

The technological concepts and solutions developed as part of the project should not only enable the successful operation of the website and recently introduced browser extension in the long term, but also result in a large number of other highly innovative applications, features and components that make second-hand shopping as easy as possible for customers.

The future is second-hand