About faircado

Faircado is an AI-powered browser extension that helps you find the best pre-loved alternatives when you shop online by searching from a database of 10+ million products from 70 different trustworthy partners.

A browser extension is a small software program that you can add to your web browser to enhance its functionality and customize your browsing experience. For example, Grammarly is a browser extension that checks your writing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes.

Faircado was founded for one reason and one reason only – to turn our currently linear economy into a circular one. Globally, 9,000 smartphones and the equivalent of a garbage truck full of clothes end up in landfills every second. Overall, only about 9 percent of the world’s resources are reused multiple times as part of the circular economy. This means that more than 90 percent of extracted resources no longer add value after their first use and remain as “waste” in our ecosystems. Faircado was born to contribute to fixing this broken system by encouraging people to buy used whenever possible.

Used products are mostly less expensive than new versions, sometimes even up to 90% cheaper, but generally at least 50% cheaper. This means that your money will go much further if you choose to buy used instead of new. Additionally, buying used products is more sustainable for the environment. For example, the fashion industry alone is responsible for 8-10% of global emissions. In some parts of the world, such as the Atacama Desert in Chile, a mountain of unused fast fashion clothing items has grown so large that satellites have captured clear images of it. Imagine how many people could have used these clothes. In general, used products are better because they don’t require new resources, they don’t generate pollution and don’t require new energy for manufacturing. For example, it takes about 2,700 liters of water to make just one t-shirt, which is enough water for one person to drink for 900 days. When you choose to buy used instead of new, you’re instantly decreasing the demand for new items hence reducing the pressure on manufacturers to produce these items in large quantities.

Faircado is relevant for anyone, who wants to shop more sustainable and cheaper products. On top of that, faircado is great for anyone looking to find second-hand-gems without investing a lot of time or money in doing so.

Faircado is basically for anyone if you will…

Transparency at faircado

Absolutely, 100% free.

Faircado is entirely free for you. When you purchase something through us, our partners (the second-hand platforms) give a small commission, as a thank you for bringing one more customer.

Faircado partners with more than 50 platforms selling second-hand products, such as eBay, Back Market, Grailed, Rebuy and Vestiaire Collective.

When shopping for pre-loved items online, it’s sometimes tough to find exactly what you’re looking for because these items don’t have the same special code (EAN) that new items usually have. This is where our AI bot, Gregor, comes in!

Gregor is like your personal shopping buddy. He’s been trained to find second-hand items that match what you’re searching for, even when those items don’t have the usual special codes. Instead of using complex words like “match scores” or “relevancy”, Gregor gives each item a “friendliness value”. This is his way of showing how closely each item matches what you’re looking for. The higher the value, the closer the match!

So, whether you’re looking for a cool vintage jacket or a rare book, Gregor is here to make your shopping experience easier and fun. Enjoy shopping with Faircado and let Gregor help you find your perfect match!

When you’re browsing on an e-Commerce website, we collect all the key information such as the product image, title, and brand. Leveraging the power of AI, we analyze these attributes and compare them to a vast collection of resale products sourced from our trusted partners.

At Faircado, we aim to make your shopping experience simple and straightforward.

To ensure you get a clear idea of the product you’re considering, we’ve streamlined our condition labels:

  • Like New: Barely distinguishable from brand new items. They’ve been opened or used very briefly, but you can hardly tell.
  • Very Good Condition: They’ve been gently used, with minimal wear, and often come with original packaging or accessories.
  • Good Condition: These items have been used, but are still in good shape with minor signs of wear.
  • Fair Condition: The items show signs of usage
  • Refurbished: These items have been restored and tested to work like new, usually by a manufacturer or specialized third-party seller.


Note: When you click on a result, you’ll be directed to our partner’s page where you’ll find a more detailed description of the product’s condition. Remember, every partner may have their own nuances in defining these conditions, so it’s always a good idea to check those out!

Your privacy is extremely important to us. In summary, we gather only anonymous data in order to improve your user experience. Most of the Data policies we are following are dictated by the browsers themselves, and these we have no influence on. If you wish to know more about our Data Privacy Policy you can access it by clicking here.

Using faircado

Simple – you can add Faircado to your desired browser in just a couple of clicks. Faircado is available for all of the biggest browsers out there – Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (desktop) and Brave

We’ve made it our purpose to make buying second-hand as simple as buying new:

  1. Shop online like you usually do on your favorite websites
  2. If there is a pre-loved alternative available for the item you’re searching for, Faircado will pop up in the right corner of your browser giving you the best second-hand alternatives
  3. You can filter your results by brand, color, size and price right within the pop-up to find your perfect fit
  4. Our newest feature – you can search for what you need directly in the pop-up; simply click on the Faircado extension icon in the top right corner of your browser and the extension window will pop up where you can search for whatever your heart desires
Signing up for Faircado offers you a tailored and enhanced shopping experience! By creating an account, you can:
  • Save Your Favourites: Quickly access products you’ve fallen in love with, so you can come back to them anytime.
  • Set Alerts: Be the first to know when a desired product drops in price or comes back in stock.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Over time, Faircado learns your preferences and can suggest products that align with your tastes.


Your privacy is our top priority. We value your trust and want to assure you that we will never sell any of your data. All personal information you provide is stored securely and managed in line with GDPR regulations.

While we don’t currently support phones, we’re working hard on the next big step to make Faircado available on mobile devices. Stay tuned for updates because we’re committed to making your sustainable shopping journey even better.

While there isn’t a dedicated Faircado App yet, we’re hard at work to make Faircado available on mobile devices – and it’s happening very soon. You can find out more about this here.

Faircado currently supports over 1600 websites such as Amazon, Zalando, Mediamarkt, Patagonia, Goodreads and Apple.

To find out if a partner accepts returns, just look for the icon below the product title within the pop-up itself. If you see the “Free return” icon, it means the partner offers a minimum 14-day return policy at no extra cost. On the other hand, if you see the “No returns” icon, it means the partner does not accept returns.