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Finding a good second-hand deal can be exhausting.
With Faircado it’s just as easy as 1-click shopping.
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Answers to questions you
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Which products can I find with Faircado?

Today you can find more than 10 million products with Faircado – mostly electronics, books and fashion. Our objective is to make second-hand the most convenient and attractive option. To empower you to make better purchase decisions daily – and save time, money & CO2. We are therefore busy making any kind of product available on Faircado – adding more every day!


How does faircado gather the products?

We have partnerships with many second-hand platforms, who give us access to their datafeed. We integrate them all in one place, and use an intelligent system to sort them and compare similar offers. Our second-hand shopping assistant will then pop up at the right time and with the right offer – just for you!


Why is second-hand the best choice?

When you buy second-hand instead of new, you have a triple positive impact: 1. You save that item from going to waste. 2. You save the resources (metal, plastic, cotton, water, oil, gas, etc.) that would have been needed to create that item new. 3. You save up to 50% of the price. Aaand you also contribute to create a circular economy. Which is really cool. The planet, and your wallet say thank you! We, too. You’re awesome.


Does Faircado collect my data?

Faicado doesn’t collect any data about you. All we do is match what you are searching for with our database, to find you the best second-hand alternatives. No storing and no selling of your data. Now you might ask: how do you make money, then? The answer is right below, and it has nothing to do with Cambridge Analytica (sorry to disappoint).


How does Faircado make money?

When you buy something with Faircado, we receive a very small share of the price you paid. It’s a way for our partners to thank us for bringing them a new client. For you, our services are entirely free. Yes, it’s that easy.