14 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste

Meal prep jars with veggies and quinoa

Food waste is a bigger problem than many people realize. It is a huge global issue that does not look like it is getting any smaller. Nearly one-third of all food produced in the world is discarded or wasted for various reasons. This equates to approximately 1.3 billion tons of food waste every year (Food […]

What Should You Do with Your Old Electronics?

Old phones

The demand for electronic devices has been growing exponentially in recent years. Constantly replacing old electronics with the latest technologies is creating a new problem and that problem is an increase in e-waste. E-waste is a global challenge and it requires a multitude of creative solutions. We must try to find how to recycle old […]

How to Prevent Water Pollution?

Graphics showing tips on how to prevent water pollution

What Is Water Pollution? Water pollution is a state in which harmful substances like chemicals or microorganisms contaminate a body of water: a stream, river, lake, or ocean. This pollution degrades water quality and renders it toxic to humans, plants, and the environment. In some cases, water pollution may occur when energy, in the form […]

What is Circular Economy?


How Can We Shape a Sustainable Future? The circular economy aims to change the paradigm in relation to the linear economy by limiting the environmental impact and waste of resources, as well as increasing efficiency at all stages of the product economy. The recent warnings about waste pollution and the limits of natural resources are […]

Why Do We Buy Things We Do not Really Need?

Colorful shopping bags

We’ve all been there. At some point, all of us bought at least one thing that, well, we didn’t really need. So, if it is not planned for in your personal budget, then it’s probably just an impulse purchase, meaning, we need to think about how to reduce consumption. Frequent online shopping or weekly trips […]

Benefits of Buying Second-Hand

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Every little thing that we buy, use, or throw away leaves a mark on the planet. Whether big or small, the effect on the environment cannot be ignored. This is where buying second-hand becomes a part of the solution to help save the planet. Shopping second-hand has a lower impact as we are reusing things […]

Why Reduce Consuming Fast Fashion and How?

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Fashion plays a major role in the global economy, however, it is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world. Nowadays, we are disconnected from the value of our clothes. When we buy more and more, this signals the fashion industry to produce at the pace of our demands. This is typically the case […]

How to Improve Your Home’s Sustainability?

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Today, we are all becoming more aware of the need to be eco-friendly. However, there are lots of different ways that will help us all become much savvier about our home environment and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. When you make your house more sustainable, you are making a contribution to improving the environment. But […]

Why You Need a Personal Sustainability Plan

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If you want to take action and contribute to saving our planet, you are at the right place. The internet is full of information and advice on how you can incorporate sustainability into your life but often served as a “to-do list” as opposed to tailored guidelines. In this blog post, we would like to […]

How To Shop More Sustainably?

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As one of our main missions at Faircado, we are trying to form green and sustainable shopping habits to protect the planet’s scarce, natural resources. You may worry that going green means spending more, but in some instances, you could even save more money in the long term. Sustainable shopping can enrich your life and […]