Benefits of Buying Second-Hand

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Every little thing that we buy, use, or throw away in our lives has a footprint on the planet. Whether it is big or small, their effect on the environment cannot be ignored. This is where the benefits of buying second-hand become a part of the solution to help save the planet. Shopping second-hand has a lower impact as we are reusing things that have already been produced and extending their life span. Nowadays, thrifting and buying second-hand clothes are becoming more and more popular. The good thing is that we can buy almost anything pre-owned: electronic devices, clothes, books, furniture, kitchen appliances, toys and games, cars, etc… almost anything you may want or need.

Faircado is the sustainable shopping assistant that aggregates second-hand offers from the biggest marketplaces into one platform to make you save time, money, and the planet, all for free. Second-hand shopping has a huge positive impact on our environment and this is true for different reasons.

In this blog post, we review how second-hand shopping benefits the planet and us.


Second-hand Shopping Helps Reduce Waste

The most obvious environmental benefit of buying second-hand is that we divert waste from  landfills. By buying second-hand, you are giving a new chance to that item. In the landfills, it takes a very long time, sometimes up to hundreds of years, for items to fully degrade. Imagine that every plastic ever created still exists on the planet today; that is why we should reuse things as much as possible and buy second-hand instead of new. When you buy second-hand products, you help preserve the natural resources of the planet.


Packaging Industry Becomes Smaller with Buying Second-hand

New products are almost always wrapped in packaging. The packaging industry uses huge amounts of plastic and paper. When buying something in a second-hand store or online second-hand markets, it is highly likely that the item does not have any packaging, thus avoiding waste. In some instances where you order a used item online and it comes with packaging, it is often smaller and involves less plastic than buying new.

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Save on Your Living Expenses

Saving money is a big factor in the decision process of buying second-hand.  Depending on what you buy and where you buy it, the amount of money you save varies. For example, some laptops will sell for half of their original price, but Apple products are known to have a higher resale value than other brands. By switching to buying second-hand, you can imagine how much money you will save!

You Probably Do Not Need a New One

For most people, getting the latest and greatest tech is not a necessity. So, if you use your laptop for simple tasks such as sending emails, reading blogs, or watching Netflix, there is no need to have the newest powerhouse; a mid-range laptop from the past five years should do the job. Regarding smartphones, if you just use it to play games, or update Instagram and Twitter, previous models would probably serve you just as well. For cameras, an amateur photographer or someone who takes photos for family and friends do not need the latest models and a used one will be more than enough.

Buying Second-hand Is Good for The Environment

Consumer culture has a huge impact on the environment due to electronic waste. Millions of phones, laptops, computers, cameras, printers, modems, and other pieces of electronic equipment are thrown away every year. Each one of these items has the potential to release harmful chemicals to the environment; whether that is the landfill or run-off into the waters. Buying a second-hand or refurbished device diverts it away from landfills and avoids putting a new device into circulation.

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Pay Attention WHEN to Buy

No matter if you are hunting for a gaming console, laptop, or smartphone, you will get a better deal from buying an older, second-hand model when there is a new product launch. Across every tech sector from smartphones to laptops, it is the universal truth! Why? The secondhand price of last year’s iPhone will drop as soon as this year’s model appears. Prices also usually soften whenever a rival, like Samsung or LG, launches their new products.

The Best Places to Buy Second-Hand

When buying pre-owned electronics, you should stick to a certified dealer. Although the internet is full of tempting, very low-cost deals, try to find a platform with trusted online payment, positive reviews and a good return policy.

At Faircado, we have partners that offer a great shopping experience. They also provide information on the status of their products, helping you understand the condition of their second-hand offerings. In shopping with Faircado, you can be more confident in your second-hand purchases, while helping save the planet.

For further reading, “Sustainable Life Style” gives you some ideas on how you can make your home more sustainable and save you lots of money on your next energy bill.

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