We won the Green Buddy award!

Faircado was recognised by the city of Berlin as 2023’s most innovative company helping to make Berlin greener and waste-free, and a champion in “Abfallvermeidung / Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.  

Why women will save the world – and men are indispensable for that

Why women will save the world – and men are indispensable for that – believing in women’s skills is necessary to create a more sustainable future- Evolena wants to make second-hand the first choice of every consumer. For this, she founded Faircado, a browser extension that directly shows you second-hand alternatives to what you are […]

Second-hand Shopping Made Easy

Second-hand clothes are trendy. Extending this to other items is the goal of Faircado – an online tool that accesses second-hand items worldwide.    

Second hand as first choice

Evoléna de Wilde’s start-up has developed an online tool that connects 55 second-hand platforms worldwide. Anyone who downloads it will automatically see second-hand alternatives displayed on the screen when shopping online.  

Sustainable Online Shopping with faircado

On rbb24 evening show, co-founder Evoléna de Wilde talks about Faircado, the browser extension that finds a second-hand alternative for almost everything that can be bought online.    

Is there a Faircado App – The sustainable alternative for your online shopping?

What is Faircado? Welcome to Faircado, your one-stop solution for easy and sustainable online shopping. If you’ve ever wondered how to get the best pre-owned alternatives while shopping online, you’re in the right place. Faircado is an AI-powered browser extension that brings you the best pre-owned alternatives while you shop online. With a massive database […]