How to Shop Berlin Fashion Week Looks Sustainably

Lea Plörer
Search Fashion Week Look with Faircado on Glamour website

Last week, the annual Berlin Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in Germany, took place in Berlin. From February 5 to 8, the latest fashion trends were presented in the capital for the 17th time. Fashion Week is the yearly get-together for models, media professionals, buyers, and media representatives from all over the world who come to Berlin to marvel at the latest trends and collections.

And even though sustainability has become an increasingly important topic at Fashion Weeks in recent years, the road to a sustainable fashion industry is still a long one. With 17 billion tons of CO2 emitted, the textile industry is still one of the largest CO2 producers in the world. Fashion shows are an important driver for the fashion industry. They set trends that are bought by millions of people worldwide and copied by fast fashion companies. But what if you are looking for a sustainable alternative to the trend?


The Shopping Assistant That Makes the Fashion World More Sustainable

The Berlin start-up Faircado wants to remedy this situation. They have developed a shopping assistant that searches in the background for second-hand alternatives to the product you are looking for when shopping online. The startup presents a new feature at Berlin Fashion Week: users can now scan an image online and receive suitable second-hand product suggestions.

With this feature, users can easily and conveniently shop their favorite looks from Fashion Week online without buying new clothes,” says Evolena de Wilde d’Estmael, co-founder of Faircado. “Fashion should be fun, and you should be able to express yourself. But ideally, this should be done as sustainably as possible by buying second-hand and not unnecessarily harming the environment.”


Your 3-Step Guide to Finding Your Perfect Piece

Step 1: Do you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari? Then, you can install the extension on your laptop via the Faircado website and use it for free.

Step 2: Right-click on the desired photo and click on “Search this image with Faircado”. Faircado then searches its database in the background for similar-looking offers.

Search Fashion Week Look with Faircado on Glamour website


Step 3: As soon as an alternative has been found, a window opens where Faircado lists all the second-hand alternatives found. Store second-hand like a pro and enjoy saving time, money and CO₂!

Faircado poping up on Glamour website


The trend in the fashion industry is towards sustainable fashion – and second-hand is the best way to refresh your closet in an environmentally conscious way. With Faircado, you can easily find sustainable alternatives to your favorite looks, for free! Simply download the browser extension now and make 2024 the year of sustainable fashion.