Tired of Black Friday? Turn It Into a Green Friday With These Tips!

Lea Plörer
sustainable shopping: phone with recycling logo in front of reusable shopping bag

Ready to ditch this crazy Black Friday chaos? Well, buckle up because we’re about to embark on a journey to turn your Friday green, and no, we’re not talking about kale smoothies (although those are pretty great, too). So, if you’re ready to make this Black Friday the greenest one yet, keep reading to find out how to make this year’s shopping spree guilt-free. Spoiler alert: it involves way less stress and a whole lot more planet-saving.


1. Say No to Impulse and Yes to Intention

Discounts, special offers, and Black Friday bundles may seem like an invitation to a shopping spree, but the key to a guilt-free and mindful Green Friday lies in the preparation. Creating a list of items that genuinely align with your needs and priorities. This will not only help you stay focused when looking for products but will further act as a shield against impulse purchases. Alongside your shopping list, set a clear budget and commit to it. That way you can allow yourself to enjoy the sale without compromising your financial goals. Some questions that might help you decide, what items should make it onto your mindful shopping list:

  • Would I also purchase this item, if there wasn’t a sale going on?
  • Do I see myself using this item regularly/ a year from now?
  • Can I see myself regretting buying this item in the near future?
  • Does this item replace something that is in need of being replaced or upgraded?
  • Can I find a more sustainable or ethical alternative for this item?

2. Go local!

A lot of times, smaller businesses are under pressure to participate in Black Friday to compete with their bigger competitors and not miss out on important revenue on this important retail day. Make sure to support the small, local, and family-owned businesses around you instead of opting for the big corporates. Shopping locally often helps you discover unique items, that stand out from the mass-produced alternatives; all the while your support translates into a direct impact on your neighbors. On top of that, choosing to shop locally further helps reduce the carbon footprint otherwise associated with shipping.


3. Your First-Choice Should Be Second-Hand

If Black Friday increases your desire to spend some money and get some shopping-related endorphins going, you can give in to this urge by going for second-hand alternatives. That way, you are minimizing your impact as much as possible, while still getting the feeling of catching a bargain. Going for pre-loved or refurbished items extends the lifespan of a product, reduces the demand for new manufacturing, and promotes the circular economy. Tools like Faircado can even help you find the best pre-owned deals online, comparing offers from over 50 partners to always give you the best offers available. And the best about it? Faircado is a sustainable shopping alternative all year round, not just on Black Friday!


4. When In Doubt Go Eco

Can’t withhold the Black Friday pressure? We understand that you can only resist your temptations so many times. How about channeling these impulses toward supporting ecological brands that you’ve had your eyes on already? This way, your Black Friday indulgence becomes an opportunity to save on sustainable favorites and satisfy the shopping urge responsibly.


5. Memories > Merch

Why would you collect clutter when you can collect memories? Instead of physical gifts or hunting the biggest sale, consider gifting experiences. This can range from outdoor activities and concert tickets to spa vouchers, or home-made 5-course dinner. That way, you minimize the production of physical goods and create lasting memories at the same time. By choosing experiences over objects, you’re not just cutting down on consumerism, but also working on creating lasting memories with your loved ones at the same time.


Bonus: If you don’t buy it, you get 100% off 😉

And lastly, let’s not forget that no deal can be as cheap as resisting a purchase that wasn’t necessary to begin with.


Remember, the key to a “Green Friday” is to be mindful of your choices and strive to minimize the environmental impact of your purchases. That’s why we developed a tool to make second-hand shopping easier than ever! Because no new purchase can ever be as sustainable as using what’s already in the system. So we’re on a mission to help you find these pre-loved items as easily as possible. Over here at Faircado, we believe in making a statement – because, to us, being green is the new black.