Best Scary Halloween Classics for Adults

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In this blog post, we present you with a selection of 8 classic pieces of horror literature that have been sending shivers down our spines for generations. Definitely must-reads this Halloween!
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book cover of "IT" by Stephen King“It” – Stephen King

It” is a gripping novel that weaves together the stories of a group of childhood friends in the town of Derry, Maine. They confront a malevolent, shape-shifting entity that often takes the form of a clown named Pennywise. The novel alternates between the characters’ encounters with Pennywise as children in the 1950s and their return to Derry as adults in the 1980s to face the evil once again. Through vivid character development and terrifying sequences, King delves into themes of friendship, fear, trauma, and the enduring power of childhood bonds. “It” is a masterful blend of horror and coming-of-age storytelling, with Pennywise serving as the embodiment of primal fears – even today.


“Frankenstein” – Mary Shelley

book cover of "Frankenstein" by Marry Shelley

A young scientist, obsessed with the idea of creating artificial life, succeeds in bringing to life a humanoid creature. However, when his creation is a success, he is filled with disgust and rejects the creature. The being, shunned by the world, longs for understanding and acceptance but is met with rejection from humans. It commits terrible acts out of desperation and revenge, while its creator, plagued by guilt, tries to stop the catastrophe. The book explores moral questions surrounding the creation of life and the consequences of irresponsibility. It is a dark allegory about the limits of science and the depths of human nature.



book cover of "Dracula" by Bram StokerDracula” – Bram Stoker

A mysterious Count from Transylvania travels to England to establish himself in London. The Count, Dracula, is revealed to be a vampire who feeds on human blood. As he begins to terrorize the population of London, a group of friends, including Jonathan Harker and Professor Van Helsing, unite to confront him. The story is told through diary entries, letters, and newspaper articles, revealing the hunt for the Count. Dracula is a classic horror novel that explores the allure of evil and the fears of the unknown, shaping the vampire genre.



“Psycho” – Robert Blochbook cover of "Psycho" by Robert Bloch

A young woman named Marion Crane steals a large sum of money out of financial desperation and flees in a car. While on the run, she seeks refuge at a remote motel operated by a reserved but peculiar man named Norman Bates. During her stay, Marion mysteriously disappears, prompting her sister and a detective to search for her. As the investigation unfolds, a chilling secret about Norman and the motel is revealed. “Psycho” is a masterpiece of psychological thriller that explores the dark depths of the human psyche and remains a classic of the horror genre to this day.



book cover of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson

“The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” – Robert Louis Stevenson

A respected physician in London, Dr. Jekyll, leads a secret double life. He researches a drug that brings forth his darker side embodied by Mr. Hyde. As Hyde, he becomes violent and reckless. The story traces the escalating estrangement between Jekyll and Hyde as Hyde increasingly takes control. Jekyll desperately attempts to suppress his dark side, but in the end, he pays a heavy price for his experiments.



“Rosemary’s Baby” – Ira Levinbook cover of "Rosemarys Baby" by Ira Levin

A young couple, Guy and Rosemary, moves into an old apartment building in New York City. They befriend their eccentric neighbors, the Castevets. Rosemary becomes pregnant but soon suspects that the Castevets and others in the building are involved in a sinister conspiracy concerning her unborn child. She feels manipulated by doctors and people around her and distrusts everyone. Rosemary is plagued by nightmares, and her fear intensifies as she tries to uncover the truth about the child growing inside her and the true intentions of her neighbors.



book cover of "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson“The Haunting of Hill House” – Shirley Jackson

A group of people, including the researcher Dr. Montague and the young women Eleanor and Theodora, gather at a remote mansion to investigate paranormal activities. The house, called Hill House, has a eerie history and is believed to be cursed. During their stay at the house, the residents experience strange and disturbing occurrences. Eleanor, who is particularly sensitive to the paranormal events, becomes increasingly drawn to Hill House and haunted by her own inner demons.



“The Shining” – Stephen Kingbook cover of the Shining by Stephen King

The Shining” by Stephen King tells the story of the Torrance family, who spend the winter in a remote and deserted hotel called the Overlook. Jack Torrance takes on the role of caretaker and is influenced by the sinister forces of the hotel, while his son Danny gets possessed by “the Shining” and discovers the creepy secrets of the place. The isolation of the hotel, combined with the dark ghosts of the past, lead to an intense tale of madness and survival in one of the most iconic horror novels of all time.