From Trash to Treasure – The Joy of Reusing | Zero Waste Series #3

Picture of Lea Plörer
Aspect of reusing items as 3rd step in the pyramid of the 5 Rs of Zero Waste

Have you ever looked at an item and thought “This can’t be thrown away!”? You’re not alone! Reusing is the third R in the 5 R’s of zero waste, and it’s all about finding new life for things you already own. In this series of articles we delve into the 5 R’s of Zero Waste: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. Each day we’ll tackle a different R, sharing practical tips and inspiration to reduce your environmental footprint and create a more sustainable future. Today: the joy of reusing.


Why is reusing items important?

Each item we reuse represents a small victory. By giving our belongings a second chance, we extend their lifespan, reduce the need to extract new materials and manufacture new products, both of which leave significant environmental footprints. Reusing items and thereby fostering the circular economy, conserves precious resources but also encourages creativity as we discover innovative ways to repurpose and reinvent what we own.


4 Top-Tips for Reusing Items

  1. Choose reusable items from the get-go: Single-use items are products that become trash only minutes after using. By selecting items that can be refilled, washed or recharged you also decrease your trash production and resource usage tremendously.
  2. Second-hand: Reusing doesn’t always mean that you have to be the one reusing your item. Buying products second-hand, trading them with friends or attending public swap parties make it possible for you to prolong the lives of your already used items. Tools like our browser extension from Faircado make it even easier for you. When you browse the internet for a product we pop up if there’s a second-hand alternative available for you. That way reusing items of others is possible even when shopping online.
  3. Upcycling: I’m sure you’ve heard of recycling, but what about upcycling? Upcycling is the art of taking old items and transforming them into new products without losing any of its original value or quality. It’s a great way to let your creativity flow and think about innovative ways to create something new out of what’s already there.
  4. Use what’s already there: Think about all the ways you don’t need a new product, because of the items you already find in your home. From reusable shopping bags, to water bottles, cutlery, packaging material to glass jars that can be reused as kitchen containers.


Reusing isn’t just about saving money or decluttering your space; it’s about embracing a more mindful and sustainable way of living. By taking the time to give our belongings a second life, we help foster a circular economy, reduce our environmental footprint, and tap into our creativity. So, the next time you reach for something new, take a moment to consider: “Could I reuse what I already have?”  And in case you want to bring something new into your life, consider doing it with Faircado. Because we want to make sure, that everything new you bring into your life, is as sustainable as possible. That’s why we came up with a browser extension that looks for second-hand alternatives while you’re looking for products online. That way, you can instantly discover pre-loved alternatives without all the hastle. It’s a seamless way to make more conscious choices, save money, and reduce your environmental impact.

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