How to Throw a Low-Waste & Sustainable Party

Posted by Ezra Sacks

Now that people are increasingly having in-person gatherings, they are keen to throw and attend parties. Keep in mind, however, that throwing a party is not always a sustainable act. As the climate crisis rages on, finding ways to reduce our carbon footprints will be instrumental in easing the burden on our planet. Fear not though, we are here to help! When it comes to throwing a party, here are some tips to make it as sustainable (and awesome) as possible.

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Image by Luisa Brimble
  • Digital party invites– Using digital party invites is a great way to get the word out about your party. It saves time, money and energy. You can get really creative and wow your prospective invitees with your invitation.
  • No-meat options– Serving vegan and vegetarian food for your guests is both responsible and delicious! It also makes the food selection more inclusive for everyone. For the meat-eaters in your life, vegan meat alternatives have come a long way in terms of taste and your guests will hardly know the difference!
  • Buy local– The closer to home the food you serve was made or grown, the lower your impact on the climate. Choosing locally grown food is always a good thing to do; it tastes better, it typically costs less and buying it is one of the best ways to invest in your local community.
  • Plastic-free– Speaking of food, make sure that if you are buying any, you are purchasing food that comes in plastic-free packaging. You can also serve the food on and with reusable, non-plastic dishware and cutlery as these are is both better for the planet, for you and your guests’ health. By doing so, you are reducing the number of microplastics that end up in our landfills, oceans and bodies. For guests who request drinking straws, provide them with reusable bamboo or stainless steel ones.
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Image by David-Olivier Gascon
  • Second-hand gifting– When it comes to gifts, you can of course use Faircado to find a perfect one for whoever that special person is in your life. Sustainable and used items make for great gifts without breaking the bank.
  • Newspaper wrapping– If you chose to wrap gifts, using paper you have around the house like newspaper or scrap paper is the way to go. Who knows, maybe the person who receives your gift will find a newspaper article they’ll love!
  • Borrow furniture– A party where no one has to go out and buy extra furniture is a good party. Do your best to borrow tables and chairs instead of buying new, while making sure that everyone has ample space and comfort.
  • Skip the balloons– If you are able to, skip the balloons. Not only are they made of single-use plastic, but the ones that get loose and float away can harm birds and other animals.
  • Pick your own flowers– Flowers from your garden can make a great centrepiece and add to the ambience of your festivities.
  • No food wasted– When the festivities have concluded, it is time to figure out what to do with all those leftovers! Donating and giving away extra food is always a great idea. In addition, food and scraps that cannot be given away can usually go into a compost pile. If you do not have your own, find a friend or neighbour with one or use one of the many compost-collection services.


All of these tips are easy to do and will easily help reduce your party’s carbon footprint. Even if you implement half of them, you will still be doing the planet a huge service. If you get creative and are willing to think outside the box, you can most certainly have a party to remember! Your guests will still be talking about your cool, eco-friendly party for years to come.

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